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Apple teaches an important lesson for website and app developers
June 18, 2015

Apple's upcoming iOS9 News app gets publishers angry

A recent news story discusses Apple’s new Terms of Use for their upcoming iOS9 News app. The agreement, emailed to a number of publishers, caused quite a stir. I wrote about it on my law firm blog:

The BBC is reporting that a number of publications have received an email from Apple regarding the news app that will debut in iOS 9 later in the year. This email, according to the reports, includes various terms under which Apple would repurpose the publications’ news content. The publications aren’t happy about it, though.

I discuss Apple’s proposed “opt-out from acceptance” method for creating a binding contract and why that isn’t legally sound. This issue provides a good lesson for website and app developers about how to create a contract between the user and the service provider.

I also give a few “best practices” regarding setting up your Terms of Use. Check out the post and leave a comment – I’d love to hear what readers think!

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