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Blogger Spotlight: Tropical MBA
December 19, 2014

Every week I want to highlight a blog that can help digital nomad professionals and entrepreneurs start their journey and learn about the possibilities. This week, I’d like to showcase Tropical MBA, one of my biggest influences while starting this lifestyle.

Who are they?

Dan and Ian are entrepreneurs based in Saigon, Vietnam. They run various businesses, blog regularly, and produce the Tropical MBA podcast. Their blog and podcast are amazing resources for those who want to live the digital nomad dream while making money through what they call “lifestyle businesses.”

What can I learn from them?

There is a ton of wisdom contained on the blog and in the podcast. This post, for instance, is just the starting point. It contains five great steps to starting your business where you can make money anywhere.

Mindset changing is, in my opinion, one of the biggest first steps for taking the digital nomad plunge. Dan and Ian say it best when they say “Fuck everyone in your life who thinks they know what they are talking about and doesn’t have exactly what you want.”

You need to “write your own script,” as they say, and make it happen. This requires changing your mindset. Tropical MBA is one site that can get you there.


The podcast:

The Tropical MBA podcast contains a ton of great interviews and episodes for learning how to “hustle” and make it happen as an entrepreneur. This is the kind of stuff that just isn’t taught, either in common wisdom or in school. This is real “boots on the ground” info from some guys who started out nowhere and made it happen.

I’ve learned a ton from Dan and Ian, and continue to with every new post and episode. Read their “best of” posts and start listening to the ‘cast. Even if you’re in a service-based business like I am, the information is very valuable.

You won’t regret it.

photo credit: cowbite via photopin cc

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Zachary Strebeck

I'm a solo practice lawyer and full-time digital nomad. I run my law practice at, representing Internet, mobile software and gaming entrepreneurs. I also blog about digital nomad travel at A Lawyer Abroad.

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  • Dan Andrews says:

    really appreciate the shout Zach! 🙂

  • NP. You guys were part of my inspiration for going entrepreneur and nomad. Though I’ve pivoted the subject of this blog since this post 🙂

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