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Smarter Travel for the Working Nomad: Regus Businessworld
December 15, 2014

The work life of the discerning digital nomad:

Having the ability to get work done as a digital nomad was one of my biggest concerns before setting out on this journey.

I had heard tales of armies of location independent entrepreneurs huddled in the cafes of Saigon and Chiang Mai, but that doesn’t seem to be the optimal solution for me. Too often you run into places that lack power outlets, have small tables or are just not conducive to working.

Luckily, before I set out and Internet forum friend clued me into a company called Regus. They operate business centers out of every major city in the world – sometimes many locations within any given city.

These business centers allow you to rent an office, conference room or even a mailbox. My life on the road didn’t require any of those things, but they also offer a great service that I’ve found extremely valuable: Regus Businessworld.

What is it?

Regus Businessworld is a service that allows members the use of open office space, the Regus Business Lounge, in any of their business centers worldwide. You have access to the Internet (which is generally pretty good in all the centers I’ve used), and free coffee, tea and water. You also have the ability to pay for services like copying and faxing, if you need them.

It’s kind of like being in a cafe, but it’s much quieter and generally more comfortable. And the coffee is free.

My experience with Regus:

I’ve been to Regus centers in six countries, and they’ve all been top notch. I don’t recommend products here that I haven’t used and enjoyed myself, and Regus is no different.

The staff has always been very professional, whether I was in the US, Bangkok or Tokyo. They have all spoken English, which is a big help if you have an issue or a business request. The facilities are clean and usually located in a tall building. There’s nothing like taking an elevator up to the 30th floor to your “office” to make a digital nomad feel important. After this, I just can’t go back to the cafe working life.

The only issue I have with them is that they’re not open late at night so I can do my client calls there. I need to rely on my often less-than-good home Internet, instead.

Views from my Regus centers in Chongqing, Tokyo and Bangkok

Views from my Regus centers in Chongqing, Tokyo and Bangkok

What’s the catch? It’s gotta be really expensive, right?

It’s not! The Regus Businessworld Gold package, which allows you global access to their Business Lounges, is less than $50 a month! If I worked out of cafes, I’d probably spend that in a week, easily.

So if you’d like to sign up or get more info while supporting this site, just fill out the contact form below and I’ll set you up to get contacted by a Regus rep.

This is the only workaround I’ve got, since they don’t have a proper affiliate program at this time. Going through this system rather than just signing up on your own is much appreciated and really helps to keep this site and the great content going!

Just fill out this form and I’ll take care of the rest:

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